Beads and pricing

Beads and pricing

Custom beads: This line of beads is the most expensive in my inventory. These beads are made 100% by hand and have a multiple stage process down to the hand drilled holes. The work is reflected in the price. The series does not fish like glass beads as they are half the weight. This line is more of a luxury item for the seasoned bead angler who’s set-up doesn’t allow bead loss issues.

Small batch beads: These beads are again hand made and fall in the middle of the price range. Each series are made in small quantiles and are one of a kind. These beads are slightly heavier then the high density plastic beads. Always keep a eye out for new series as they are made weekly and added to inventory. I’ll be adding a floating bead in this series soon.

Custom coated beads: this series offers standard plastic bead with a triple coated layer to ensure durability. These beads are coated by hand and the price again falls in the middle of the price range. All coated beads need lead time of 3 days depending on the quantity ordered.

Limited beads: All limited beads are the highest priced bead in my inventory, the price will reflect the difficulty the replicate these beads. These beads are all one-off’s. Again these beads are for the anglers who’s set-up doesn’t allow for lost beads.

Steelhead beads: This series is a basic high density plastic bead. I do try to look for hard to find colors and patterns. All of these beads are priced to sell and are perfect for anglers who are new to fishing beads.

Samples: Samples will be give in each order when asked. This offer is for Custom and Small batch beads only.

Canadian customers: all Canadian customer will receive free beads out of my personal collection. I understand the difference in the dollar and the shipping reflects the paperwork need to ship the beads to Canada. Free beads is my effort to make sure all order are fair and balanced.

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