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Artisan Angler Beads

To bring anglers a fresh new way to revolutionize the world of bead fishing. I specialize in offering a whole new creative style of bead that will replace any standby bead out there on the market today.


Steelhead beads




Artisan Angler Beads

I made this site for all the serious anglers out there. I also want to welcome the new bead anglers to my site. My intention is to make the best fishing bead out there and continue to bring new and exciting products to all anglers.

One of my goals is to earn trust through knowledge. I have been bead fishing long before magazines and websites made it a fad. Through trial and error I have learned tips and tricks throughout the years that I will happily share with all of you.

The days of nail polish and spray paint are done! Ever had your bead box fill with water and wonder why the colors faded? I have and it’s yet another reason I decided to create my own site.


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